Role of National Vaccination Centers in Pandemics

Pandemics have been a prominent stature in the history of world dynamics. The world has never been collapsed even after witnessing some of the deadliest pandemic outbreaks and there are several reasons attached to the escape including the vital roles being played by the National Vaccination Centers of every nation in combating the outbreaks.

Whenever a pandemic has occurred, we have seen vaccinations, medications and a good deal of preventive measures of local and international level that have made a pivotal role in the struggle of humanity through various pandemic dreads. This observation proves the fact of how the world relies completely upon vaccinations and medications to get themselves a safe escape from the viruses.

There have been numerous times where the vaccines grabbed limelight for eradicating some of the past pandemics completely.

The development of vaccination as a public health tool is attributed to Edward Jenner and his experiments with coxpox in 1796.

Vaccination was adopted as a public health tool relatively rapidly in Europe and the USA, although not without fierce opposition from some sections of the community, especially when vaccination was made compulsory as was the case in the UK following the introduction of the Vaccination Act in 1871.

As smallpox vaccine was the first vaccine to be deployed widely in man, it was appropriate that smallpox was the first human infectious disease to be eradicated by vaccination, a milestone achieved in 1979.

Keeping in mind the current state of worldwide dread due to the pandemic of covid-19, there is no doubt in an obvious requirement of a vaccination and National Vaccination Centers during pandemic times.

From the super power countries to the under-developed struggling nations, initiatives to eradicate viruses are needed and for that to be done, establishment of national vaccination centers can play an important role. Such centers can provide a platform to the medical practitioners, scientists and researchers to plan and discover a medical cure to the viruses under a better and smooth procedure and the execution can be done under critical examination and supervision of local government and the World Health Organization (WHO).

A number of medical institutions along with the collaboration of World Health Organization (WHO) are performing research and studying cases to examine what further can be done to maximize the potential of vaccines and their side effects.

The vaccines have helped numerous countries to eradicate ill-diseases for example polio and measles only by early vaccination, and similar can be anticipated for such diseases in future.

Another strong aspect of the use of the vaccine is of normalizing global immunization program in order to save the humanity from the dread of future pandemics, and it is hoped that with time, we will be able to achieve that sooner or later.


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