Understanding the Significance of Science for Society: A Pandemics Output

As the covid-19 pandemic continues its relentless spread all over the world with the third wave making rounds by the discoveries of new variants which are capable of bringing with them a mortality rate double of what came in, in the initial stages of covid-19 spread. Societies are trying to understand the significance of science so that they can save their loved ones with proper knowledge.

With the now unbearable pandemic trauma, we see a great deal of contributions and efforts made by scientists in medicine, epidemiology, medicine and other fields with an aim to reduce the negative impact of pandemic and to initiate preventive measures along with vaccinations to help in finding cure to the dread.

Talking about the role of science and technology in pandemics, Covid-19 was an eye-opener to proof the significance of having a good grip and conceptual learning of science.

One such example is of international collaborations as a great worldwide collaboration was came under observation which was based on pandemic issues, discoveries, patterns, research, and exchange of medical knowledge and advices under the title of ‘open-science’.

The pandemic provided an opportunity to the researchers and scientists to collaborate freely to share knowledge, methods, data and evidence and to make them available and accessible to everyone.

Collaborative arrangements of open science considering the significance of science especially the mapping of the virus’s genome, helped in the development of the COVID-19 vaccines being administered in various countries.

Further, another prominent and important example needed to be highlighted is the fact of digital information desks all over the world. The WHO surveys and online help for covid-19 queries and concerns played a major role in taking records of the pandemic with a smooth and steady system.

This time as well, it was the technology that helped scientists, medical practitioners, and researchers to develop databases and to study them to identify possible solutions and cures.

Not only this but the fact that history is evident of the fact that every time a pandemic has occurred as a curse to humanity, science and technology altogether has helped the world to eliminate the viruses. This enhance the significance of science for the better development and protection of a society.

Now, if we observe the covid-19 circumstances, it can be said that science has played a vital role in spreading awareness of precautionary measures and the constantly varying graphs of cases.

There is no doubt in the fact that we along with the combined efforts of human intelligence and science have managed to come this far in the fight against this pandemic and there is a hope to eliminate this dread sooner from the planet, earth.


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