Why an Innovative Content Strategy is Important for a Researcher?

Innovative Content Strategy

Every researcher should have an Innovative Content Strategy for his/her published research to have global visibility and higher citations.

As we all know that research is a scientific mechanism of knowledge generation and a researcher is doing the most unique job in the universe of creating knowledge but most of the knowledge remains buried in libraries.

No anyone can deny the significance of libraries but it is important to understand what readers are looking for and why they are looking for a specific topic?

The answers to these questions are only possible when we have strategies to manage the scientific contents in an innovative way.

An innovative content strategy is necessary to explore, catalogued and spread the knowledge to increase visibility and reach the global audience so, researchers should focus on innovative content strategies along with their innovative strategies in lab work as this is the only way to take their generated knowledge up for a greater audience and can receive higher citations and appreciations also.

The discovery of DNA model by Watson and Crick is a famous example of knowledge generation which was based on the discoveries of Rosalind.

The original knowledge was generated by the Rosalind whereas Watson and Crick were presenters of knowledge in the form of a model which was easy to understand (a content development strategy).

Another example is of John Gregor Mendel who found the basic laws of genetics but his laws remain buried for almost a century due to the lack of and efficient content spreading strategy.

Investing your energies in generation of knowledge and ignoring the content strategy will make you a white stone which might be a diamond but needed to be finished and polished.

There are several tools that are designed to understand the what and why of readers around the world such as google trends etc and almost all leading scientific media groups are based on these strategies.

If you want to be invited as a unique researcher of your discipline in international conferences, you have to create your global audience using a unique and innovative content strategy so that your readers should know who you are and what have you done so far.

Your increased audience will also help you to get your research partners and funding support around the world and it will create a title for you as being an international researcher.

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