M. Irfan-maqsood, Ph.D.
Authorpreneur, Editor & Biology Researcher

A Startup is a company that is confused about product, customers & to make money.

– Dace Mcclure

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Free Online Learning

Science Insight Academy featuring online and free courses on YouTube is a joint educational project of IMAQPRESS & IMAQ Research to produce and teach an entirely unique curriculum on Science and Research Skills which are essential for a growing career in current innovation era.

Featured Courses are;

1- Research Methods
2- Biology of Diseases
3- Startup Building
4- International Languages

Startup Projects

IMAQ Research

IMAQ Research Group is an international educational and services support headquartered at Liverpool, UK and and a regional office at Baku, Azerbaijan, which is providing research support services to the educational and research institutes.

The Stamen

The Stamen is an Azerbaijan based organic farm products giving you the feelings of  international tastes.

IMAQ Press

IMAQPRESS is an innovative Canadian publishing group, professionally skilled in pre-publishing and post-publishing services, equipped with the state-of-the-art publishing SOPs, protocols and web tools.

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