Interest-explain-resourceful formula for being a five-star doctor

five-star doctor

Career in medicine or being a medical doctor is more than just a profession as it is a social duty because of the possession of lives saving power.

Medical profession in fact is a real picture of ‘knowledge is power’ and here the power is to save lives. If medical knowledge is applied properly and in a well-professional manner, a medical doctor is saving hundreds of lives per day whereas in contrary it could be a disaster for a society.

 The concept of a five-star doctor is an attempt to create an ideal profile for a doctor and a doctor should always remember the five main characteristics in his/her daily practice life.

The following are the five characteristics of being a five-star doctor;

  1. Care provider
  2. Decision-maker
  3. Communicator
  4. Community leader
  5. Manager

Most of the doctors focus only on the care providing sector and their actions are only medical practice, these are called single-star doctor as the ability of memorizing the diseases and their treatment is not the all story, a medical doctor should develop other skills also. Every doctor should be a minimum four-star doctor or should focus on how to be a five-star doctor.

There are several ways to enhance your skills in all fields for being a five-star practitioner and the most important way to enhance all five major skills is the interest.

A formula of interest-explain-resourceful could be followed to enhance all skills toward excellence.

For example, a doctor should take genuine interest in the patients’ lives to understand how they came across with this specific disease and the interest should continue to follow up process until a personalized treatment has been given or planned for every patient.

A good doctor should also explain all the medical ways to educate the patients so that a patient can make a good decision. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle should be explained and all possible consequences of the treatment should also be explained to the patients before reaching a decision.

A good doctor should always be full aware of all the latest breakthroughs and technological advancement in the medicine happening all over the world.

He should be rich enough in knowledge that all patients should be satisfied by the treatment so they can have faith or confidence in their well beings.

In conclusion, being a five-star doctor is easy and simple as a daily life-routine but with a proper formula. A doctor can also develop his own formula of being a five-start physician as interest-explain-resourceful formula develop by me is the simplest formula to be a good doctor.

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