Writing a Research Paper for Scholarly Journals

Writing a research paper (original or short communication) for internationally reputable scholarly journals is a must to do job for all researchers and scientists.

Scientists are putting their >90% efforts in lab work to generate experimentally validated data to publish a research paper as a good research paper requires two basic things, experimentally validated data and a creative story.

These scientists are relying on data derived from science inside the lab forgetting the potential of data production by science outside the lab for their research papers.

Writing a Research Paper and Presentation of Data

Research papers in basic and applied sciences are mostly based on the tedious lab work consuming months even years along with huge money and human resource. Mostly data used in research papers is related to the structure, functions and interactions of molecules, chemicals, atoms etc.

Most recently, big data approaches are being used in scientific research. Statistical data on public opinions is also a valuable tool in making scientific conclusions.

Multi-disciplinary Approaches in Scientific Research:

The whole science is not in the lab only, there is a big portion of science outside the lab. To explore the opportunities of doing research in science outside the lab, a researcher should apply multidisciplinary or even trans-disciplinary approaches.

For example, during the current Covid19 pandemic, serving the science and society is not just to look for vaccine development or diagnosing covid19. A researcher can study the social, psychological and economic impact, can discuss the political issues and public management, patient’s behavior, death rate, food habits etc.


When it comes to publish scientific research, most of the scientists especially young researchers spend their time and money on lab work finding the science using single disciplinary approaches whereas working on science outside the lab can give us very interesting conclusions and may be these are the solutions scientific community has been looking for years.

World prestigious journals are looking for novel stories concluded based on the multidisciplinary approaches as these conclusions are near to fact.

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