Why Corona virus cases are constantly increasing and decreasing?

Corona virus has been very aptly observed by medical practitioners, researchers and scientists to predict about its constantly changing multitudes with the passage of time.

After a whole year of lockdowns, travel bands, and never ending fiascos, we saw a dimensional rise in the Corona virus cases all over the world in the initial phase but as soon as the second wave of covid-19 occurred, a prominent declines was recorded in the death rate and the daily occurrence of cases.

Few reasons backed up this constantly changing number of Corona virus cases, let us put some light on some of these key factors.

Precautions and Counter Measures;

Coronavirus brought with it a horde of precautionary measures to follow. The government played a major role in ensuring SOPs to be followed responsibly by each and every citizen. Special laws enforced and a responsible call of action from the frontline doctors made the decline in covid-19 cases possible. No unnecessary traveling, closed access to public places, and use of masks are the special mentions in this regard.

Changing Seasons and Climate Conditions

Another potential factor stated by the researchers and medical professionals was the change of climate conditions. It was stated that initially when covid-19 occurred, the recorded observation stated that transmission of virus is increased in cooler seasons which means the number of cases can increase only in poorly ventilated areas and in indoors. As soon as we move to the summer season and spring days, an evident decline in cases can be seen.

Initiative to fight against the Corona virus

Such pandemics are nothing less than a curse to human life. They cause severe loss to the mankind other than anything else. Keeping this in mind, the world saw a united effort against the covid-19 pandemic. World Health Organization (WHO) supported the under-developing countries, providing them necessary aid, testing kids, and equipment needed to fight with the virus.

Increased Vaccination Rates

No pandemic gets over without the role of medical aid. Same is the case when it comes to covid-19. WHO along with medical institutions all over the world is constantly working on the mission of developing an easy to access diligent vaccine, with that multiple trials have been started with front line workers and aged people being treated with the first jabs.

These factors have played an impactful role in decreasing the covid-19 cases and have supported the massive decline. More is to be anticipated ahead in the covid-19 scenario.

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