Cancer Statistics in Iraq: Status of Colon Cancer in the Misan Province of Iraq

Cancer Statistics are important to know so that a comprehensive preventative and control strategies can be developed. This article will be discussing about Cancer Statistics in Iraq focusing on the colon cancer in the Misan province of Iraq.

What is Colon Cancer?

Colon Cancer is a type of Gastrointestinal cancer. In fact, it is the most deadly cancer of this kind. But let’s take a look at why it is more common amongst some groups of people than in others.

Which study did I look at?

I will be referring to data from a study that was conducted from 2013 to 2016. Also, in this study, 71 patients of Colon cancer were examined. In this study, the scientists looked at some major factors such as gender, age and disease stage. They wanted to find out the patterns of this cancer, such as, which groups it is most common in.

Results of Cancer Statistics in Iraq Research Work:

The study performed by Saadoon Alhilfi et al., in 2018 found out that 3.75% of the population suffers from Colon and rectum cancer. They also found out that the new cases of Colon cancer have increased a little from 2013 to 2016.
Alright, so let me tell you the main pieces of information that I found out from this study:
  1. People who are middle aged are at greater risk of getting Colon cancer.
  2. Gender and location don’t play any part in the likelihood of getting this cancer,
  3. If a person has family history of this cancer, then it doubles his risk of getting it.
  4. Up next is the factor of alcohol consumption and smoking. These habits are bad for you because they put you at risk of contracting Colon cancer.
A positive thing to look at is that new ways of detecting and diagnosing Colon cancer have been proposed. Also, when this cancer is detected in its early stages, there is a greater chance of survival. However, that is only if the cancer is treated and managed effectively.
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Alhilfi, H., Almohammadawi, K., Ameen, N., Aliedani, B., Aldubaisi, H., Alshewered, A., Alsaad, R. 2018. Colon Cancer in Misan: Past, Present and Future. The Cancer Press 4(1,2,3,4): 4-12. DOI: 10.15562/tcp.66

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