Academic Achievements of Turkey in the year 2020

Turkey is known as for its education, business, and tourism opportunities. Turkey has a sound education system which provide quality and low cost education to its residents and even international students who come over for higher studies. Turkey has seen a remarkable progress in its education sector in the year 2020. Let us have a brief look on some of its academic achievements in 2020.

• All forms of early education made accessible:

Turkey enrolled a huge amount of students in primary classes, and made all forms of early education accessible for them. Around 39,425 students got a chance of receiving quality early childhood education on basic level.

• Increased numbers in formal education:

Not only the basic education but around 684,919 students were enrolled in formal educational institutions.

• Incentives provided to teachers and students:

Turkish government introduced policies for teachers and personnel associated to the education departments. A figure of around 12,464 teachers were provided with basic and luxurious incentives as acknowledgement of their services.

• Emphasis on Turkish language:

Turkey arranged programs for the progress and advancement of Turkish language all over the country. Around 1837 students on average were enrolled in Turkish language programs.

• Scholarships and Stipends:

Turkish government introduced scholarship programs for students in higher level of education. A pretty impressive number of around 1897 students were granted scholarships for their higher education expenses on the basis of merit.

• Education for Refugees:

Refugee students were provided with great opportunities to purse education in Turkey. The government introduced transportation facilities for the refugee students along with basic funds for their facility. Around 5,196 students were facilitated in 2020 with educational help according to the reports.

Along with these remarkable figures directly hinting to turkey’s contribution to the education sector, the records state an undeniable interest of international students in turkey as a destination for studying abroad. All of this is an evidence of turkey’s accomplishments over the decade, and we can hope for the best from them in future as well./


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