Top Academic Achievements of Pakistan over the Last Decade

The last decade had been a remarkable one for Pakistan when it comes to academic achievements and accomplishments met by the country’s leadership, and youth. Both have collaborated effortlessly for the betterment of academic record in the country, and have set some inspiring examples.

Read ahead to know about top academic achievements of Pakistan over the recent years.

• Record of Fastest Time to Arrange All Elements of Periodic Table:

A Lahore based science enthusiast kid, Natalia Najam arranged the periodic table chart in just 2 minutes and 40 seconds while being at the age of 9 only. She broke the previous record with 7 seconds. Astonishing yet remarkable achievement at such a young age.

• World Record Holder of 87 A’s in O levels:

Haroon Tariq, an inspiring O levels Pakistani student represented Pakistan worldwide by setting the record of highest number of A’s in most of his subjects that too in Cambridge system which we all know is not at all a piece of cake.

• Electric Honey Comb; Research by Pakistani Teen:

Shaheer Niazi who is only 17 years old took Pakistan in the Royal Society Open Science Journal with his research in electric honey comb phenomenon which was then published in an international journal and was acknowledged by the scientists all over the world. He is the youngest scientist to do so.

• Pakistani Twins as Youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals:

Ten-year old twin sisters from Rawalpindi, Pakistan took Pakistan to the global spotlight by becoming the world’s youngest ever Microsoft Power Platform certified professionals. This all started from the Pakistan as before them, this record was hold by Arfa karim, a renowned computer prodigy and the then youngest Microsoft professional from Pakistan at the age of 6.

• The Only Certified Formula 1 Racer and Winner:

Pakistan has its youth in the race of science and technology, and some proud achievements have been seen by our students over the last decade. One of these are of Saad Ali who at the age of 18 became the first and only certified formula 1 racer and winner setting an example of a Pakistani is capable of doing anything he wants.

• Youngest Representative at the World Chess Olympiad from Pakistam:

Mehak Gul, 15, living in Lahore, set the world record for setting the chess table in 45 seconds by one hand at the age of 12. Mehak, also represented Pakistan at World Chess Olympiad, probably the youngest person ever to represent Pakistan in the tournament.

Not only the youth but the current government has also played a great role in the advancement of education in the training. With programs like Kamyab Jawaan and Ehsaas Scholarship, the government has taken some brilliant initiatives to make the youth skilled and capable enough to represent the country on International forums, and we are definitely hoping for more in future.








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