Role of Science Journals in Pandemic Management

Pandemics occur suddenly and make their way to the world destroying millions of lives completely. In general, pandemic is kind of an infectious disease usually caused by social contact with greatly increased rate of mortality and morbidity over a wide geographic area. The societies should understand the significance and role of Science Journals in Pandemic management as these journals can provide legitimate and updated information on the happening of a pandemic like covid19 in the world.

Pandemics are crazy as they cause not only severe health concerns but precautionary measures taken to control the outbreak cause severe economic, social, and political disruption.

History records numerous pandemics which caused destruction to the world, and these trends are likely to be increased and intensified in the near future. Therefore, in order to limit the increase and expansion of such deadly pandemics, suitable policies and techniques have been taken in account for prior preparedness and expansion of health quality.

A significant rise has been seen in the awareness of use of scientific journals in this cause.

The major role of science journals in pandemic management is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge, facilitation of new ideas, collaborations of new ideas, and giving form to new lines of research.

All these tasks involve crucial process of strict consideration of information channels being shared which is done by then editors and creators of these scientific journals.

Pandemic management calls the role of Science Journals as a major element in pandemic management. One such example is of the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

The WHO was informed immediately as soon as the virus was tracked and they named it as COVID-19. The virus exponentially spread across the globe affecting majority of the population of countries. The scenario instantly woke up scientists and researchers who started creating channels and forums to put forward the research based on this deadly pandemic.

A majority of editorial platforms came forward and created structures to publish articles and information related to the disease. Publishers created such platforms such as free online websites enabling access to articles, E-journals, and the promotion of these resources, examples include the Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center, the Wiley COVID-19 Resources and News portal, the Springer Nature COVID-19 resources center, and the Frontiers Coronavirus Knowledge Hub, among others.

The role played by this initiative of launching scientific journals was the aim to enable easy access to these publications, authors, researchers, and scientists so that people can get first-hand knowledge and awareness related to the pandemic.

The commitment and role of scientific journals has led to the significant development of these methods through which some articles have been become available for the readers without any cost and reviewing process.

Not only the above mentioned characteristics but scientific journals also include fast track and updated publishing of the facts and figures related to pandemic which helps in a taking clear precautions, and steps in the elimination and limitation of pandemic spread.

Let’s see what future this trend of scientific journals hold ahead.


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