Possibilities of Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Gearing up for studies abroad means leaving your luxurious life and family bonds behind. Starting from scratch in an entirely new country is no easy but necessary to earn a good amount for your daily expenditure and to meet needs in a developed country. From academic expenses to rent and food bills, there is a lot an international college student needs to manage. To tackle this up, a part-time job along with studies.

Hunting a job that is easy to commit to, along with full time studies is definitely a difficult task and to make it a little bit easy for you, we have brought you a list of part-time job possibilities with the best pay scale. Read along with us till the end.

• Translator:

Getting paid for being a translator is the best opportunity for international students as they are likely to be fluent in their native languages, they can earn a pretty good amount. Pay range differs according to hour based requirements. If one has good writing skills and is master of a language then this is definitely a fair deal.

• Waiter:

Restaurants are everywhere to satisfy foodies and their never ending cravings. To serve them with quality service, waiters are necessary. Being one, you can earn extra amount as tip which is an advantage. Also, this responsibility comes up with a flexible schedule so that you can manage your academic load side by side as well.

• Tutor:

Pursuing higher education abroad, you must be at a level where you have expertise in any one of the crucial subjects and being that maestro, teaching is no way a bad deal. It will benefit you with varying hourly wages. You can help other kids by sharing what you know and can get a good deed written along with your name and a good earning too.

• Ride share Driver:

A reliable vehicle, a smartphone and a 10/10 on background check test is all you need to be a ride share driver. This opportunity works will in big cities. The plus point is the flexibility of working hours which, for a student, is nothing less than a blessing.

• Night Auditor:

If you are a person who is more like a night owl, then this is for you. You are supposed to stay up late at night, take care of the paper work, assist guests and support some record keeping operations. Good math skills, know-how of computer skills and accounting knowledge is all you need to be a night auditor and to make around $30 an hour.

• Dog Walker:

A perfect combination of flexible hours, fun activities with cute little pets and a good amount of earning comes in altogether with this job. It needs strong commitment of taking good care of someone’s pet without disturbing private spaces of other people sharing the same place. Charges for being a dog walker vary a lot per hour, times per day and even four days a week as well. So, if you are an animal lover and love walking around with a cute company, this one is for you.

Canada allows part-time jobs along with studies for international students. There are a number of opportunities one can get to support himself abroad.

There is nothing to feel bad about. From being tutor, uber driver, teacher’s assistants, freelancer, nanny or a sales person to working as a waiter or a translator, you can pick up the most feasible and flexible opportunity to make a better living on your own.





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