Online Job Platforms for foreign residents in Canada

Canada is a vast country having a strong education and career sector. These two elements make Canada the center of foreign attention. People from all over the world try to get their hands on Canadian visa willing to pursue higher education from Canadian institutions and to get better career opportunities. Being away from your homeland, one’s basic agenda is to find a suitable job to spend as day to day earnings and there are several online job platforms for foreign residents in Canada.

Finding a job is never easy, but we have brought you a list of some online job platforms for foreign residents in Canada.

1. WorkoPolis:

Description: Workopolis is one of the well-defined and highly recommended Online Job Platforms of Canada. What makes it unique is that it has a foreign worker search section in its website, particularly showing jobs for in demand occupations throughout the country. The platform serves as easy access to job hunting by providing free services to everyone.

2. Canadian Job Bank:

Description: Canadian Job Bank is an official site of Canadian government. Employers in Canada willing to support foreign workers are encouraged to recruit foreign workers through Job Bank. It has a job match function which connects employers and their required candidates. Candidates get the facility to earn a good amount based on the type of jobs.

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3. Monster Canada:

Description: Monster Canada is the coolest and most advanced job platforms available online for foreign residents. Its fun and unique point is the video job ads feature. People can actually sell themselves in video ads showing their skills and expertise in various fields. It also provides a free resume assessment by professionals giving tips to make your resume more appealing.

4. eJobbo:

Description: A newly formed online job platform eJobbo has some incredible features such as smart matching system. Such a system shows the most compatible jobs based on your skills and needs. It also has a video job application where people can sell themselves by showing their capabilities in the form of videos. Indeed, a fun element and a unique selling point.

5. Indeed Canada:

Indeed Canada works as a job aggregator. What it does is, it figures out jobs from career sites, separates them into different classes and displays them on its website. It is of great use as it notifies you with every job posted all around Canada in different parts and of different types all on a single platform.

Canada is a land of hardworking, dedicated and passionate individuals. They need people of same passion to accompany them in the world of careers. If you are a foreign resident in Canada, analyze their demands. Be tech-savy, learn about the do’s and of don’ts of job hunting process, go through these platforms ang grab the opportunity you are waiting for.


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