Being Vaccinated against Covid-19 : A Step to Stop Coronavirus Spreading

Vaccination helps stopping or reducing the spread of coronavirus in society and by being vaccinated against Covid-19 , you will not only protect yourself but all those around you even if they are not fully vaccinated.

When the current pandemic kicked off in late 2019, all scientists worldwide tried to develop an effective and safer vaccine against Covid-19. After several months of skillful hard work by scientists in different countries, their scientific achievements to develop a vaccine were evaluated thoroughly by WHO and other regulatory agencies to authorize the administration of developed vaccines.

Luckily, these days, enough doses of authorized vaccines are available in some countries such as US, Canada, UK etc so they can vaccinate their whole nation but, these people have questions about possible side effects and effectiveness of these vaccine so that is the reason they are hesitating or denying to receive it.

They prefer to be infected with virus and their body develop required antibodies rather than having some unwanted side effects of a vaccine.

Considering this major obstacle in understanding the effectiveness of covid19 vaccines, I decided to write an article about why a person should be vaccinated as soon as possible. I believe that there should not be any interference in someone’s personal decision, but you should know how your decision will effect the whole society.


Trusting the Different Versions of Covid-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines approved by WHO have passed all stages of safety check after going through a series of clinical trials involving hundreds and thousands of volunteers. In every stage of these clinical trials, safety of vaccine have been monitored by group of eminent scientists following extensive and rigorous testing protocols.

So when you are being vaccinated by a WHO approved vaccine, it does not mean you are receiving an experimental product but you are receiving a pharmaceutical grade clinically tested product which is same as the other doses of pharmaceutical drugs such as Ibuprofen you are taking.

All data regarding their efficiency and safety of these vaccines are available online which can be studied anytime to understand how the process has been monitored and these vaccines have been developed.


Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Protects You and Society From Infection

All of us have to accept that vaccination against Covid-19 is the only way to end pandemic because a pandemic era is entirely different than normal and it involves almost every individual of society. Studies on efficacy of vaccines have shown production of acceptable level of antibodies required to reduce the mortality rate in a community.

In this way, immune response teaches your body natural defense system to battle the possible future infection. Therefore, even if you catch the infection, virus cannot caused very serious illness.

An Oxford survey on more than 370,000 participants who received one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines, have shown 65% efficiency against virus. In this study, no major difference between two vaccines have been reported.


Covid-19 Vaccination Can Slow the Virus Spread in Society

Vaccination against Covid-19, is not only protecting yourself from infection, but also helping you to prevent the spreading of virus in society. Up to now, there is limited data on chance of Covid-19 transmission from vaccinated person. But some studies have shown the reduced or restricted spread as an advantage of Covid-19 vaccination program.

One study published on Nature; reported viral load in vaccinated people after 11 to 37 days of first dose was less than unvaccinated as unvaccinated people are at risk of having having high virus load in case of infection. Authors have shown viral load can be decreased to 2.5–4% among vaccinated people. Therefore, it has concluded that less viral load cause less severity of illness in vaccinated person resulting in less transmission to others.

Another survey on 550,000 residential household in UK have reported around 10% possibility of transferring virus from unvaccinated person to others in case of high strict measures whereas this rate has been reduced to 6% and 5.7% for Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines. So, it has been estimated that covid-19 transmission was nearly halved even after one dose of vaccination.

Third study have demonstrated IgG antibodies in oral and nasal mucosal fluid of people receiving the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. More Covid-19 carriers transfer virus from upper respiratory tract while coughing or snoozing. Therefore, it seems antibodies in oral and nasal mucosal fluid may elicit virus there and decrease Covid-19 spreading.



Consider all these studies together, we can conclude that vaccines are not only protecting you but also your loved ones among you even if they are not vaccinated. Vaccines have a proved impact regarding to your hospitalization or dying from COVID-19, so vaccination against Covid-19 is best ever thing to do for everyone who you love.

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