Scientific Citations vs Scientific Publications: What a Young Researcher Should Focus?

It is a common trend for every young researcher to focus on the number of scientific publications instead of Scientific Citations during his/her early career in research. The researchers failed to understand the publication process which results in the declined reputation of researchers in scientific communities.Understanding the scientific publication process is the most important thing for every young researcher which will help them to save their time and their scientific papers can receive more citations than expected.

What are Scientific Publications?

Scientific publications are scholarly articles published by students, scholars, researchers or any other member of the scientific communities in the form of research work, literature review work, research notes/reports, clinical case studies, scientific letters, commentaries/opinions published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

What are Scientific Citations?

Scientific Citations are the abbreviated alphanumeric expression embedded in the body of a scientific publications describing bibliographic references at the end of a publications for the purpose of acknowledging the scientific work. It indicates how useful a scholarly article is rather than just a piece of useless knowledge.


Mostly Young Scientists around the world focus on the number of scientific publications for their better career perspectives and forget to focus on the number of citations, their work is receiving. Almost all reputable organizations around the world prefer applied and useful research based on the number of citations rather than number of scientific papers published by a researcher.

Our next articles are to discuss how to increase the citations of your scientific publications and what does post-publishing process mean in scientific research career.

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