Top Scientific Journals Publishing Research Work on COVID-19

COVID-19 took over the world with a sudden outbreak of a deadly virus which soon became a curse to humanity. From putting  people locked into their homes for an infinite period to enforce social distancing in the world, Corona virus or COVID-19 changed the world dynamics. With its rising statistics and constant increase in death rate, scientists and researchers all over the world are adamant to find the cure of this mind-boggling virus and several top scientific journals have focused special editions on Covid19 research publications.

The vaccine is still nowhere to be found. World’s best medical institutions are working on the search and creation of vaccine with testing and experiments being done in a few countries.

The advancements and progress related to the virus and its vaccine is keenly described in a number of scientific journals who published dome great informatory pieces related to the virus. Let us have a look at some prominent top scientific journals who published COVID-19 as its major content.

• Journal of the American Pharmacists Association:

The Journal is the officially reviewed journal of the American Pharmacists Association (APHA) providing exclusive information on pharmaceutical care, drug therapy, diseases and other health issues. It addressed the COVID-19 care, symptoms, and original research based on COVID-19 facts and figures.

• Science of the Total Environment:

The journal is primarily based on study related to the publication of original research on total environment but it has also published literature based on COVID-19 and its effect on environment. Its latest publication was based on the detection of COVID-19 in raw and treated waste water in Germany.

• Epidemiologia E Prevenzione:

The journal has its constant focus on COVID-19, and the circumstances caused by it. It is a social sciences journal which has published social effect of the pandemic in the world. The latest piece of the journal was based on the title, ‘Effect if National and International Lockdown on the control of COVID-19 pandemic; a rapid review.

• British Medical Journal:

A medical journal has published its clinical research edition with COVID-19 covering a major part of its research and publication. British Medical Journal has taken an intriguing approach towards the pandemic with its interesting titles such as how COVID-19 has amplified moral distress in medicine.

• Journal on Medical Virology:

This journal also adds on to the list of great scientific journals that have published the top content on novel coronavirus. Journal on Medical Virology provides rabid publication of original scientific papers on fundamental as well as applied research concerning viruses affecting humans. It includes some engaging titles such as ‘COVID-19 detection in stool samples in acute cases; Brazil’ and ‘Retrospective prediction of the epidemic trend COVID-19 in Wuhan at four phases’.

This is our list of some amazing scientific journals addressing the novel corona virus with interesting research figures and informative blogs.


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