Is earth in danger? How can we save it?

We all are living in 21st century and now we all want to make our live cozy and comfortable by hook or by crook. Now question is why we do always work to make our life comfortable? Is there only human specie on earth? We all know that there is million, billion species in earth, if we are work for just our faith than, what about other species? What we are doing for them?

I tell you that what we are doing for them we all know that 70% of land animals and plant species lives in forest. We are cutting down trees for our needs and greed as a consequences we losing those species that are accustomed to living in trees, also deforestation is also increasing the rate of flooding and increasing greenhouse gases  in the atmosphere. As a consequence we are facing climate change, soil erosion, desertification, and the native species also suffering with problems just because of deforestation.

If we talk about ancient time, people used to travel on foot for small journeys, and horses and camels were used for long journeys. But now we have vehicles and we using them even for a short distances. Without think about it is safe or not, for earth and earth’s species? Basically smoke of vehicles and industries is polluting our air  and as a consequence air pollution is on the rise, air pollution causing respiratory distress in birds and increasing the susceptibility and allergies problem.

There are some species that are completely extinct and some are slowly disappearing. If we continue like this and do not try to stop or control our anti-earth activities, they will also end.

Due to our activities water pollution increasing day by day and badly affecting marine species.

A largest harmful factor is a plastic, plastic killing the marine animals sea turtles, fish, birds and even animal mating rituals is being affected which can have devastating consequences and can wipeout entire species.

To sum it up, we human are doing all activities that harm the earth and nature. This means we human are dangerous for earth and earth’s species. Because we cutting down trees for our own needs and greed, which is increasing the pollution. We harming all species and slowly destroying the earth. But unfortunately still we do not realize that what happen next if we continuous do? We do not think that there is no alternative of earth “NO EARTH,NO BIRTH”

If we want to save our earth  from being destroyed, from now we must  promise ourselves that we will plant  trees so that our atmosphere will be maintain. We will  not use to much plastic, especially one use plastic and we will thrown our plastic in recycle bin so it can be recycle easily. Remember one thing karma says “that if we will become danger for earth so earth will become danger for us”.

This means that all our anti-earth activities are harming ourselves as well.

“Change must come before it is too late, otherwise nature will be destroyed forever and we will never meet again”.

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