Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC) – Mashhad, Iran

Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC) was established by Mashhad Cancer Charity (MCC) on 2006 at Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran and capital of Razavi Khorasan with a population of around 3000000. As one of the best-equipped and most advanced centers for cancer detection and treatment in the country, RROC is treating about 2000 cancer patients in a year.

The aim of the Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC) is to support cancer patients during the whole treatment period by accommodation and medication supply.

Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC)  is offering external beam radiotherapy to the patients with 4 Siemens Linacs (three Primus and one CTVision Artiste) and also intracavitary and interstitial brachytherapy with a Bebig brachytherapy machine.

The diagnostic department at Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC)  is equipped with a CT scanner, MRI system, Nuclear medicine, Fluoroscopy unit, digital and analogue Mammography and Endoscopy section.
A chemotherapy section is also part of RROC.

Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC) is in a close cooperation with universities and research centers in Iran to share knowledge and experience to offer an optimized treatment to the patients.

This level of teamwork and collaboration has always been the heart of our cancer care philosophy.

The following PTW equipment is used for dosimetry and quality assurance at RROC:

  • MP3 Therapy Beam Analyzer system (including: Water Phantom, MULTIDOS, TANDEM, TBA CONTROL UNIT)
  • UNIDOS Electrometer
  • All kind of radiation detectors with their backup detectors (including Farmer, Semiflex, Roos and Pin Point)
  • OCTAVIUS 4D phantom and 2D ARRAY seven29
  • In-vivo dosimetry diodes for photons and electrons
  • Photon/ Electron In-Vivo Semi-Conductor probe for brachytherapy
  • EPID QC Phantom
  • All kinds of ESTRO Mini-Phantoms
  • RW3 Slab phantom (30 × 30 cm plates)
  • Well type chamber for afterloading brachytherapy dosimetry
  • PTW software includes MEPHYSTO mc², VeriSoft, VivoDose.


Contact to Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center (RROC)

Sara Abdollahi

Principal Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist
Head of Dosimetry & Quality Assurance Team

Office Phone: +98 5135224472 Ext.307

Reza Radiotherapy Oncology Center
Fallahi 2, Ghasemabad, Mashhad, Iran

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