Journal of Genes and Cells – Canadian Journal for Genes, Genetics, and Molecular Cell Biology

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  1. Role of Organ Specific Cancer Stem Cells in Organ Specific Cancer Progression
  2. Applications of Stem Cells in Cancer Therapy: A Literature Based Studies

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  1. LncRNAs: Key Regulatory Players in the Genomics Black Holes
  2. Anticancer and antioxidant effects of red cabbage on three cancerous cell lines and comparison with a normal cell line (HFF-3)

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  1. Molecular Genetics of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Production (A Mini-Review)
  2. Current Status of Gene Therapy Drugs in Global Market – Updated-2019

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Journal of Genes and Cells Cover

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ISSN: 2410-6887

Editor: Dr. Zarin F. Razvi

Frequency: Bi-annual (Twice a Year)

Journal of Genes and Cells (ISSN: 2410-6887) is a international multidisciplinary journal for publishing the innovative concepts and scientific research of emerging technologies in Genes and Cells based therapeutics. It also focus on the Genetics and genome aspect of all living organisms.